I want to leave America and never come back to America and take America with me wherever I go.


  1. I want those tits, whatever they are.

  2. I found my desk. This was an accomplishment. As I lied there this morning, I was contented. Then she returned to her bed for one more bout. She wore her glasses this time. I finally got to see her; the earlier times were in complete darkness. She offered coffee and I was exhilarated. French press and more sugar than I usually take. We were both happy but not quite at ease. We acknowledged this to one another. She is a very neat and creative woman, and a philosopher of sorts. Her home is filled with her paintings. She bed me because I told her I write. She was disappointed when I told her that I would not let her read all of my writing. But she understood when I told her that if I let a woman read my writing, it means that is a woman I am not interested in taking to bed.


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