Further Fragments for a Prolegomena

First installment here.

It has been said that the best way to attract a woman is for a man to not give a fuck. To not care. To be aloof towards the woman as well as towards everything. The GAME guys have used this, mastered it even, as a pose to lure woman and to fuck them. It is a masquerade that is up quickly, however. They are playing a role, masquerading as a type, and the woman--any woman--can see this after a time. Of course, the GAME guys have gotten what they have wanted and moved along.

Nonetheless, the woman’s desire for this man is particularly meaningful. And it is in some ways unfortunate that the GAME guys would abuse this important aspect of the woman’s character/biology.

Because for the great man, who has overcome all, who truly gives not a fuck about anyone or anything--an outlaw and a creator--a woman will quickly sense this and be drawn to him. She will want him as the great prize of all prizes. She will want to mate with this man. (A woman, one might say, is the best evaluator of talent.)

Mating with this man is mating and procreating with the creator of new worlds. A woman will consider it her greatest gift to have this man’s child and to raise it. She will give birth to the promise of further novelty, further creation, leadership--the furthering of the new.

The average man does not interest her in this way. He cannot. He is a continuation of the same. He is not a leader of men, an outlaw, or a creator.


The creator-outlaw-leader is aloof precisely because he acts outside a society. He projects confidence and aloofness because those are the byproducts of his overcoming. The society and its language and customs are useless to him. It should be no surprise that when he encounters others it is with an aloof confidence.

A common male characteristic asked for by women in the personal want-ads is confidence. Certainly it would be the case that a man who stands apart or against the crowd is confident. He would need to be, or face destruction.

It must be repeated that a woman is the best evaluator of male talent.

It will be a woman, and not a man, who first recognizes the overman.


  1. Maximin remarked positively upon this idea this morning. The implications of this idea are what really blow your hair back. This is early work though and, as I have titled it, only fragments of something in progress.

  2. Been haunted by both this idea and the ideas presented in prolegomena I. But the haunting doesn't happen when I am at peace with my surroundings, as I run or as I climb or race clouds. I climbed up into a fog and burst through the top. I saw two confused women and photographed them, confusing them further. What was confusing, though, wasn't that they were being photographed by a bicycle racer, but that the bicycle racer photographing them was emerging from the top of a cloud, and was racing, and photographing. These ideas haunt me, but the fog and the clouds and the photographs (taking them and later, enjoying them), calm me.

  3. To them it was as if they were photographed by god himself.

  4. The Rooster2.8.10

    This is actually very true. Being a girl, I have had one night stands and such where all I wanted was some action (I have needs too). However, the people that I have been interested in, the ones I kept going back to, that maintain this type of aloofness but also had something about them that intrigued me (keep in mind this does not happen often), I have totally been "ok" with the not planned mishap of having a conception occurring. Because not only is this something that I desire, to actually conceive, but because I knew that the offspring would contain traits and characteristics of both parties and become something better than the both of us combined. So yes, while the man is playing a game, us women know that and ultimately look for the perfect "mate" for our potential offspring. So it's hard to say who was really playing the game and who ultimately won. Depends on the outcome I suppose.

    I do not look for nor accept the average man.

  5. Anonymous2.8.10

    "So it's hard to say who was really playing the game and who ultimately won."

    I've contemplated this and the more you think on it, the harder it is to figure out. One can only worry about their own ideals.

  6. The Rooster2.8.10

    With this new addition to the Prologemena I must also point out that not all woman are the best evaluators of male talent. Some, if not most, are actually quite horrible at it. Hence the divorce rate and couples who do not stay together or do but are completely miserable...just because society says they need to or should. I must also confess that I was once one of these woman; complying with the norm and muffling my own internal screams. But let it be known that the only woman who is the best evaluator of male talent is one that recognizes her own talent and exudes her own confidence, be it sexual, intellectual or otherwise. Not every woman should automatically get claim to this title, for it's quite an achievement in a woman's life to come to succeed on this level.

    But without all those woman who fail at making good judgments on the male species and their character, who would all those "average" men fuck?

  7. There are not many of these creator-outlaw-leader type men walking around. And as you rightly point out there are probably a large number of women who are unable to identify them (who maybe misidentify a game-guy as one of them). There is a greatness necessary on the woman's end that also needs to be discussed.


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