"Then we talk until we disagree about something."

"Its fun here. If we could only find something to do."

1. One works to eat and to have shelter.
2. Work done for others in order to eat and keep out of the cold is justified. One must eat. One cannot sleep in the rain.
3. Work done for others beyond what is necessary for eating and maintaining shelter can only be justified by a specific goal.
4. What is the purpose of this surplus work done for others?
5. She works to buy things not for eating or for making a shelter.
6. He works to buy her more of these things. He even buys these things for himself.
7. They prostitute themselves for things. They put themselves in the service of others so that they may make purchases of things other than food and shelter. It is a prostitution.
8. There is an abundance of food and shelter in the West. Even the garbage cans are filled with edible food. There is always work too, if you need it.
9. There should be less work for others being done. Instead, there are more willing prostitutes.


  1. It is interesting the poorest sub-saharan African women resort to prostitution to feed themselves. One can prostitute oneself out of desperation or laziness.

  2. "What's ragged should be left ragged."

    -Culture and Value, 45e


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