FEMININE: shortcuts, home ownership, careers, obedience, nice new things, variety, pity, pleasures, the middle class, vacations, insurance, hobbies, sugar, gym memberships, democracy, entertainment, inducing guilt, retirement, guidebooks, consumption, compromise, friends, talk, talk, talk, literature, a long life, philosophy, drug use, wanting, jealousy, debt, equality, waiting, restaurants, cities, charity, suburbs, spending, apologies, working on the projects of others, religion, distraction, desk jobs, tears of pain/joy, round trip tickets, television, soda, procrastination, expansive government, 401k plans, alcohol, automobiles, asking permission, the words "never" and "always", "everything" and "nothing", cliches, 30 year mortgages, liberal arts colleges

MASCULINE: pain, adventure, risk, action, solitude, projects of one’s own, decisiveness, exploration, lack of security, hard labor, blood, sweat, silence, saving, farming, running, needing, physical strength, dictatorships, rigor, steel, the risk-free rate of return, pioneering, one-way tickets, confronting danger, water, choosing when to die, the countryside, commitment, expertise and mastery, no apologies, taking, training, mountains,

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