Recap 7/27/2010

So Paul the Pollock says, “You told Ken to rob a bank?”

“Where’d you hear that?” I says.

“I hear things,” Paul says. He’s got this big grin on his face.

“Did Ken tell you that?”

Paul just keeps smiling and doesn’t say anything.

Then I explain to Paulie how it really went:

I was sitting in the break room when Ken comes in from the parking lot, and suddenly he starts talking to me. The guy has never spoken a word to me before and I’ve never actually heard him speak other than the mumbling while he’s pushing carts. He starts talking about how life costs money, you got to pay for everything, there’s no way around not paying. I tell him there are a few things that won’t cost him anything. Going to the park, bird watching, maybe going to the beach and swimming and building sand castles. Ken thinks about these things. Then he tells me the government is taking most of his pay. What do you do about that? What would I do? I said I would flee the country. Make them look for you. You can push shopping carts in Mexico. Surely there are lot attendants there. Ken thought about it and responded that he didn’t want to leave. Well, I said, then the only other option is you got to rob a bank. Ken looks at me seriously. I said, That’s where they keep the money, isn’t it? Ken nodded. This made sense to him. Then, without saying anything further, he walked out of the break room.


Mario says, “Frank, you ever had your ass kicked?”

Frank stops shrink wrapping the pallet. “Yes, I have. Howie Blakely. July 4th, 1986.”

“He remembers the fucking day,” laughs Paulie.

Mario is laughing too.

“Howie Blakely was a big, big guy,” says Frank. “I was into the martial arts then for about 10 years. I had a little to drink and I start telling Howie Blakely that I don’t like him picking on my cousin and I say some other things I shouldn‘t have said. He comes at me and I have never been hit so hard. Blood just gushing from my mouth. [Frank bends over and motions with his hand how the blood poured from his mouth]. So then I kick his nuts up into his throat [Frank demonstrates the powerful straight kick to the groin he gave Howie Blakely]. But Howie Blakely keeps coming at me, it didn't stop him at all. And then his friends join in--and his friends are bigger than all of my friends. Ah, it was a bad day for Capasso. It was a bad day.”

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