Me: pinche las chicas, amigo. pinche
Omar: don't know what that means man
me: vives en miami, no
Omar: lol
me: castellano se habla no
Omar: where are you now?
me: san juan, argentina
Omar: nice
me: leaving when taxes resolved. ride through andes north to salta
Omar: what taxes? in the u.s.?
me: money i owe, problems with 2009. florence trying to screw me because her life sucks and mine is all fun
woman past 30 if you dump them will become bitter shrews. remember this my friend.
Omar: lol i owe too
me: be careful. your woman looks to be a little old
Omar: she just turned 30
me: jesus. jesus.
cuidado, mi amigo. mucho cuidado
do not marry. for gods sakes dont
do not have children, for gods sakes do not
Omar: moved in with her at a complex called Nirvana
me: Nirvana. fucking ironic
Omar: yep
me: dont blow too many years on that life.
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Omar: have a year's lease
me: around your neck
Omar: nice fucking place though
me: nice as my old place
Omar: yep
nicer complex though
me: good
Omar: right on the water, infinity pool steam room, gym (im working out), jacuzzi etc
me: always nice to live good luxiurious for awhile. makes going back to poverty that much more exciting
Omar: lol
me: you working out funny
Omar: trying to get a schedule going
me: need to go at least 6 weeks before it becomes routine
and you see results
but fuck gyms
get some kettlebells and work out in a park
faggots go to gyms
why dont you publish my photos in your bullshit magazine?
just look at those fucking mountains
just look at that motherfucker of a man who rides them
Omar: like you said - bullshit magazine. they don't care about those images. they want fashion, design, all the la-di-da stuff
I am preparing a travel issue --- maybe you have a travel story idea?
me: got a whole blog with my travels. the writing is there. not sure if your crowd would like those stories thouhg
Omar: needs to work for this kind of mag somehow though
something about an American going to Argentina to try and start a winery could be good, but I don't know if you have enough material for that yet
me: that is what i want to do, but no info on that really
lotta bullshit people in wine. cocksuckers and cunts
want to do wine my way, hardcore not give a fuck way
have this crazy idea of doing wine in colombia in mountain area near FARC activity. danger and wine. seems like a story. but not ready to do that yet.
Omar: that seems rather dumb, they'll kill you
me: naw
all the world wants to be liek napa valley. made for middle class white women. i want to do wine that cuts
and kills it, and none of that bullshiit upperflclass bourgeois garbage will ever drink my shit
Omar: ok, why don't you just do it in Argentina
me: gotten expensive here
also the politics is real bad. kirchner running country into ground
i like argentina though
you would too
very european
but with cowboy american style added to it.
italian influence mostly
but long ditances and ranching make for cowboy pionerring culuture
which i like very much
Omar: true - my parents were just in buenos aires, im going to Barcelona, then Arles in the summer
me: ah fuck europe
that continent needs another big war
Omar: europe is beautiful and you know it
that's good enough for me
plus i won a raffle trip to Barca so I'm going
me: the land is still beautiful but the people suck the cities are fucking disneyland tourist hells
won a raffle shit
Omar: yeah, just got lucky
me: i got lucky the other night
Omar: how os
me: 19 year old
Omar: it's easy there
me: won her at a raffle
Omar: child's play
me: colombia is easy
argentina not so easy
Omar: 19 year olds are easy
me: good for my spanish lang aquisition
no speak much english these days
Omar: good for you
me: whats mccloud doing
Omar: skiing with fam this weekend, about to open a new restaurant with a celeb chef, and working on the other projects...
me: jesus active he is
Omar: yeah, he's been working super hard
not been easy though
me: never easy
maybe he'll be the cunt to do it though. i hope so. miami needs a good guy
Omar: hopefully - im rooting for him...he's not given up yet
me: hes in too deep to give up. crash and burn or succeed is all hes got
Omar: yep
me: you fuckers should pay me a visit in medellin
tickets from miami are 100 round trip
Omar: my ex is from Medellin blah
me: who cares about that girl
she wasnt born there
if she was her tits would be bigger
Omar: lol she was born there, had her nose done instead i think
me: alrightbut too bad there wasnt money for the tits
she needs to go back and get some very firm softballs put in
Omar: fake tits are nasty man
me: whats gotten into you
they can be done now so that you will never know
Omar: ive never experienced that, can always feel the silicone
me: i encourage women to be soleyl concerned with their bodeis.
Omar: like a doll
me: all the talking i'll leave to the intellectual girls you like
Omar: i'll do both
me: dont make the mistake i did. just because she can use the word existentialism in conversation doesnt mean you marry her
Omar: lol
me: are you really laughing or is that you writing like a girl for fun
Omar: lol
you are funny
me: yeah
Omar: i can see you smirking
me: grinning
got this fucking cancre sore on my inside lower lip that the grinning irritates motherfucker
it wont go away
hard to eat or kiss bitches
how you get rid of one?
Omar: don't know, you wait, it's horrible
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me: kissing that girl inflamed it even more
see other girls here but know i'll jus tget a mouth full of blood and pain the next day
Omar: good that you're getting some ladies.
me: my recent divorce has corrected a great mistake
i see you being led down the same unhappy and painful path buena suerte
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  1. At the end of the day I side with your whole take on these things. It is the correct attitude. Can a man grow whiskey in South America?


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