Monthly Totals

  1. Showers: 3

  2. Longest streak without bathing: 9 days (a current streak and probably my lifetime longest)

  3. Nights slept in tent: 27

  4. Mosquito bites (approximate): 25

  5. Spider bites: 3 (he was living inside my tent until I assassinated him)

  6. Fly bites: 7

  7. Flea bites (approximate): 125 (25 from a hostel in San Juan and the rest one bad night on the desert)

  8. Speared by cactus: 2 times

  9. Speared by thorn trees: 4 times

It was a good month.

1 comment:

  1. These are the things worth writing about. This is the mode of being or the ethics. There has been bicycle maintenance along the way as well, and you have written well about this.


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