Aphorisms and Discussion

18. What is more revolting than the woman who plays and follows organized sport?

19. What is more astounding than the woman who travels alone in far away lands?

21. What is more confounding than the woman who will have sex with any man regardless of his stature among other men or his abilities?

76. If the State could intervene in one positive way it would be to outlaw abortions. Let the whores die in botched back alley surgeries.

119. Western man undid himself when he built the train and made it safe for women to travel alone. He made it possible for the weak to travel. I imagine a woman on a train, alone, dressed elegantly in lace and absent-mindedly twirling a parasol. I shudder.

120. The train is modernity. Think of it as a very slow internet. The train is the first great leap forward in communication, to spread chatter and gossip wider.

But Moraline, why do you say such awful things? These things you write offend my sensibilities and those of the majority.

Do not let my comparison of the internet to the train offend you.

No, no, Moraline. I am offended by what you have said about women, not about trains.

(Laughs) Do not let my laughter lead you to think what I am about to say is not of great importance. I laugh because your seriousness needs its balance. I laugh because it gives me pleasure to deepen the offence you feel. Allow me to explain:

I want women to return to their greatness. I want them to return to being the gatekeepers of the species. Whereas instead of spreading their thighs for any man on a drunken Friday night, she will soberly select only the finest of men to open her gates. And she will want of this chosen man his sperm implanted deep inside of her, filling her with his power, and she shall carry his seed nobly and in hopes that one of the sperm lings has penetrated the egg along her uterus and created a male child. It will be with a profound joy that she learns of her pregnancy and she will prepare for the coming son of the man of talent and when this boy is born she will nurture that talent that is his genetic birthright and she shall try to add to it and to encourage more from him as he grows. The man who can overcome just a little more than his father will be born of her and she will assist with his overcoming. I want only that women become essential again. A man will aspire to something greater if his mother and the women he is attracted to demand it of him. Men will only be better if women make them.

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