Punta Arenas

It is remarkable the cultural difference. Argentine women by contrast are cold. The Chilean woman will let her glance at you linger and you will see the warmth and the desire. The Argentine woman would never reveal such, and she would not be caught by you if she was looking at you. She would not give you that satisfaction. Argentine woman hide their sexual interest. But wow, Maria-Jose is a fine, dark beauty who works at the Coffee Net in Punta Arenas. That smile of hers damn whooo boy damn hot damn. Its a shame I am leaving tomorrow. Maybe I have been sitting for too long. Yes. I have. Maybe the Patagonian women of the small Argentine towns are ugly. Yes. They were. That is true. The Chilean women are not known for beauty, yet they all seem so beautiful here in Punta Arenas. It is a fine city, with a nice plaza. I like the trees around the plaza and the wide, one-way avenues that cross at the plaza. It is a fine plaza and very clean and the buildings around it are all freshly painted. There is a fine statue in the plaza. Maybe it is Magellan. The statue makes the plaza even finer. You may not find a finer one. Maybe you will. There are pretty Chilean women walking around the plaza. I watch them. I want to stop riding my bike and to sit and to take a proper room and to sleep with them. They would not sleep in my tent with me. I can see they expect more. Hot damn Maria-Jose is a fine woman the red lipstick the long black hair the skin color that dark and soft and fresh and yes i like that and olive shaped eyes a dimple in her cheek and she just smiles and smiles and smiles. Man oh man women can be fine. Man oh man a woman can ruin everything. Man oh man a woman can ruin a man.

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  1. Anonymous3.3.11

    Pinche mujeres de punta arenas. Pinche mujeres.


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