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You must decide whether she is rational or not. That is an important thing to know. I think you are assuming rationality even as she loads glocks--maybe not a good assumption. Rational people will respond to punishment by stopping to do whatever it is you have warned them to stop doing. So you must punish her. You might be violent with her, but there are other ways. But she must be made to know that picking up loaded weapons has severe consequences. Women, in a manner similar to that of small children, respond well to rewards and punishments. Yelling can be effective too. Might try that first, but escalate it when that fails. Speaking reasonably to her, explaining the rational way to think and act, is not a punishment.

Now, as keeper of the money, you might begin to deny her money to live. That could be one form of punishment. You might do it this way. Tell her there are 2 ways this breakup is going to go:

1. While you go and live on your own, she has a specific time period to go and get a job or put together some sort of plan to start her life on her own. You might tell her she has 6 months to a 1 year to do this. In the meantime you tell her you will pay for her home and utilities. You will pay for her daily living expenses with a per diem, but this will terminate after (let's say) 2 months. She should at least have a job at McDonalds or Home Depot by then to pay for her food. You must keep to this plan and never waiver. Divorce proceedings must also get started with this--keep lawyers away from her. Handle the divorce yourself. She must not be made to know of divorce laws.

2. Or she can just leave immediately for her country. You will purchase her ticket and give her X amount to start her life there. You must get some agreement about divorce at this point though. She may return and get all lawyered up looking to take half of everything.

In the case of any more trouble (hopefully not gunplay) you should punish her severely. Tell her she loses her per diem. Shaking her very hard is also effective--be careful not to bruise her though. If that's not enough tell her you're going to take steps to have her divorced immediately and removed from the house. You might also use her possible lack of knowledge about US laws against her, telling her things like she can be taken away by the police, deported, etc etc. Given her emotional state she may very well believe these things. However, threats are only good if you are willing and able to carry them out. What needs to be established is punishment that she knows she is going to receive when she acts out.

In the case that punishment fails to have its desired effect, you must conclude she is unmanageable, possibly crazy. Though she may very well alternate between what appear to be sane, rational periods and periods of craziness.

One more thing regarding the shaking. If you do leave a bruise be sure to disappear for at least 1 day. Police are able to arrest you on domestic violence charges if they see a bruise AND are able to locate the accused abuser within 1 day that the woman calls the police. They stop looking after a day and arrest warrants are never filed. Might also be good to put a bruise on yourself as well if she's called the cops. You can claim she did that to you if the cops were to find you, and she'd have to go to jail on domestic battery as well. Even the slightest mark will result in jail time and charges for either of you on the person's allegation alone.

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