Work In Progress: Schwinn Paramount

9/16 x 20 is not the same as 9/16 x 20 F.

"F", importantly, stands for "filetto", which in Italian means "thread". This, of course, refers to the slightly different thread pitch between Italian 9/16 x 20 and British 9/16 x 20. Though the two sizes are roughly compatible, I still need a pair of pedals.


  1. F also stands for 'fucking good problem to have' relative to the problems of some others.

    Working in a bike shop for 8 years (albeit one mire focused on products for dirt and mor contemporary) I was not aware of the differentiation between 9/16 and some close variant. I used to have to buy 1/2 inch pedals since I couldn't afford 3 piece cranks. Those days were formative. Now, looking back, I appreciate the curve I experienced when it came to the level of quality of the bikes I have owned. More appreciative of my tigers now.

  2. Every example I have seen of the Nuovo/Super Record crankset has had the "F" marking. The pair of pedals I do have come from sometime in the '80s, are British, and made by zips. (Another pair on my Raleigh Twenty are obviously British.) No interest in jamming the zip pedals on these cranks and fucking up the threads or maybe getting the pedals stuck. Trying now to secure the pedals this bicycle deserves-- Nuovo/Super/Superleggera. Being from the same period as the cranks I would assume the thread fit will be better.

    Is it the case that all Campy pedals and cranks from the early-mid '70s were Italian threaded and not British? I'm leaning towards this conclusion and will know soon enough after I purchase a pair of pedals from this period.


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