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You must be good looking and in good shape. That means no fatties. I know the trend is for large soft women to apply descriptions like ‘full figured’ or ‘curvy’ as a way to convince themselves and others they are otherwise good looking. I do not go for this. Fatties. Uglies. So be slender, athletic, and toned (the old definitions of all these three). If you are young and knockout gorgeous, a beauty by no effort of your own, and have no talents, please do not hesitate to contact me. Physical beauty means a lot. I would rather look at you than talk to you anyway. No problem. If you’re merely attractive but very, very good at something please contact me also. I very much like physically attractive women with ability, who are rigorous and work hard. It doesn’t matter what it is that you do or are passionate about. But if you make the claim of having some ability but are in fact a dilettante and I discover upon meeting you that I know more about your subject than you do, I will be very disappointed. It will be grounds for my abandoning the date immediately and sticking you with the check. So either be gorgeous, or be pretty and have put a lot of work in on making yourself good at something. And no fatties.

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