And I am the dawn
To send away all nights.


  1. Anonymous1.4.10

    I get bored, because too much of anything is not good or stimulating. So I sign up to shoot sporting events. I shoot baseball and baseball is played every day. Baseball is the next thing for me. Cycling and baseball. Girls and the night and the moon and pictures of the moon and the symbolism of the moon and these libations and these nights with girls, they will give way to baseball and cycling.

  2. It will fuck up western civilization, no doubt, when it's read even by a view but maybe not when read widely. Those who have an art have a real fucking knack. I don't even need to think about it, when there is art, it's fucking there. The mountains make all these things seem small. Not even about fear. The cold and the wind and how earth's wind smells when clean and above trees above the rockline.

  3. I want to live a good life. Any idea of a good life must include mountains and going up them on a bicycle or on foot. The mountains are the great expression of the earth, the crashing of the tectonic plates against one another. All is better when you go higher. You make it pure. Above the treeline is as close as you get to overcoming in a physical sense. All the best places have high mountains and they do something to the people that live with them.

    Both of you gentlemen's commitment to fucking and the mountains is most admirable. I can think of no greater pursuits for the male human body. Unfortunately for me, I have only the mountain fucking of the mind.


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