Completed '72 Paramount

Derailleurs: Campagnolo NR
Crankset: 52/42 Campagnolo NR
Freewheel: Sachs-Maillard 13-26 (7 speed)
Brake levers and calipers: Campagnolo SR
Downtube shifter: Simplex Retrofriction
Handlebars and stem: Cinelli
Rims: Mavic
Hubs: Campagnolo Record
Pedals: Campagnolo NR
Saddle: Brooks Professional
Bottlecage: TA


  1. Tilt the nose of that saddle down very slightly and get on her. That is one fierce tiger and the years have done nothing to reduce her fierceness.

  2. Picture made it look too upward tilted. It's not really as it appears. Photographic error.

    Will take another photo.

  3. That was my first comment--the saddle. But that solved so here it is: she's so fucking beautiful, way more than Violet, the stripper who just rode me.

  4. Need to trim that RD cable. I suppose you did that to Violet the other night.

  5. Ride her to new heights. The heighth of 1972 cycling fashion. As well the heighth of 2010 cycling fashion. She'll be a mess but she'll be ready for more.

  6. She came to me as I was about to go to bed. She wanted to go out. She begged for it. She fucked the road hard. Wouldn't let me take her home. Only a few hours to sleep before I'm back forklifting. She's a tiger, man.


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