Beauty Unrequited

Pictures in the controversial naive style of Saint Maximin.


  1. Only controversial when in excess of 10 images.

  2. These are far more mature and composed than Mr. Saint Maximine's garish vomit of roadside visual roadkill. You used your body to Nordic-style traverse dangerous territory, and you discoverd prfound beauty. Mr. Saint Maxipad used to take such photos when he used to ride his bicycle all day in new territories, but apparently he now seems content to not only not take photos of places involving risk, he risks nothing on his way there. He has a lot to learn from your recent nordic journies and accompanying images. Well done, sir.

  3. Anonymous4.2.10

    Perhaps a photocomposition representing a typical sunday "jog" around washington park is in order, mr. maxipad.

  4. Anonymous5.2.10

    Nicole: hehe
    well I'm not sure
    but throwing my bike in the back is easy enough in case


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