They Talk Too Much To Be Happy


  1. Anonymous22.2.10

    Look closely at an image of the dane from a november post on copenhagen. this woman's eyes and those of the dane wander in the same manner. women love to be photographed while this strong desire to be elsewhere is shown by their eyes. they do not know how ugly it is. and their eyes do not lie.

  2. Anonymous22.2.10

    Found this chick online. At first, I thought it was clever enough, so I read for about two weeks.


    After a couple weeks, I can say for sure nicole is NOT better

  3. It would discourage me deeply to find out that Nicole or her many readers had found this website, read some of it, and liked it. There is no greater disruption of my tranquility than the way those people are casually average. What is most unfortunate about these blogs and the internet is that it has allowed for the creation of all sorts of new herds for humans-- humans that should have been silent and lived alone, anxious for a pity the world would never grant them, and who later hung themselves on a rainy afternoon in the fall after the leaves had rotted.

    Too much of the internet is life-support for fuckups.


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