All these scars
The kitten made

I challenged her
To really hurt me

The most she did was
Scratch me all

She bit at my toes
Her paw upon my cheek
She flexed her nails
To wake me

Papa, she said,
I don’t care if there’s not any more than this.

Papa, she said,
We have it all don’t we,
Food and a room and each other,
And we will learn to want
What we already have,
And I will never really hurt you.


  1. Anonymous12.2.10

    A nice looking woman,
    with nails and toenails (I assume)
    Just stopped by my desk
    with a selection of cookies
    and offered me any one I like.

  2. Touch them all, but accept none of them.

  3. Anonymous13.2.10



    sounds like a great start to the day

    I wish i had cereal

    except I never have cereal

  4. Title of haiku poem:
    Why the empty sole, lost dirtclod?

    Body of poem:
    I wish I had cereal.
    Except I never have cereal.

    Every time I read this poem I must re-parcel through the existential wreckage that is the culmination of my reading, understanding, and becoming this "indeterminacy of being."

  5. Minou probably gets you one of those "they'll read it after I'm dead because it so good" award. Those are the most difficult awards to obtain, and there is no intervention or artifice from the state that can otherwise tax, confiscate, or circumvent the award.

  6. Anonymous14.2.10

    In this case I prefer the absence of Nicole to her presence.


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