ложных весны


  1. Anonymous9.2.10

    Потому что я ебать сильнее и сильнее И мой член длиннее А у тебя нет стиля, чтобы получить штраф девушку

  2. Jesus, jesus, vodka vodka vodka local whore vodka. Fuckin rushin.

  3. Anonymous15.2.10

    Hello. I am a new user to this site. I am very interested in understanding this post and / or the subsequent anonymous commenting. What gives guy?

  4. He has not a single so-called friend . . . he cannot be bothered to write letters to friends, and . . . in the course of time all people have become a matter of indifference to him. This may be a fault, but it is simply how Hamsun is . . . His work is his only friend, his only love, and the rest of us just have to accept this.

  5. Anonymous16.2.10

    Nicole: haha
    just like I was going to get up every day this month and do yoga
    and not drink or eat sugar
    and meditate every afternoon
    I suck with the self-discipline


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