1. Dramatic lighting. Selective focus. Interesting props.

  2. Anonymous10.2.10

    Nicole: I've never been a smoker
    when I'm stressed/nervous/anxious/excited I buy chewy candy
    because I totally have an oral fixation and will bite off my lips if I dont'

  3. Yes, Nicole. Life is more like wrestling than like dancing.

  4. But just as good was Diogenes of Sinope, who did all he could to avoid earthly pleasures. He had a great disdain for what he perceived as the folly, pretense, vanity, social climbing, self-deception, and artificiality of much human conduct.

    He inured himself to the vicissitudes of weather by living in a wooden tub. He destroyed the single wooden bowl he possessed on seeing a peasant boy drink from the hollow of his hands. It was contrary to Athenian customs to eat within the marketplace, and still Diogenes would eat there for, as he explained, it was during the time he was in the marketplace that he felt hungry.

    The most scandalous of these sorts of activities involves his masturbation in the marketplace, to which he responded “he wished it were as easy to relieve hunger by rubbing an empty stomach. He used to stroll about in full daylight with a lamp; when asked what he was doing, he would answer, "I am just looking for a human being." Diogenes looked for a human being but reputedly found nothing but rascals and scoundrels.

    When Plato gave Socrates' definition of man as "featherless bipeds" and was much praised for the definition, Diogenes plucked a chicken and brought it into Plato's Academy, saying, "Behold! I've brought you a man." After this incident, "with broad flat nails" was added to Plato's definition.

    Doigenes is alleged to have died by holding his breath.

  5. Rascals and scoundrels. Effort to use these two words more often and in varying contexts.

  6. Anonymous15.2.10

    Was his breath held for him, by a rope, or belt, perhaps?

  7. Anonymous16.2.10

    Nicole: ugh
    my mom just got a new headshot taken
    and it's just terrible


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