Freedom Fighter

Sewell Avery, president of Montgomery, Ward & Co., being forcibly removed from his corporate offices by the United States Army on the order of President Franklin D Roosevelt, 1944. Montgomery Ward remained under Army occupation from December 1944 to October 1945.


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  2. Yeah, hmmm, a standing army attacking its own people. I wonder why that happens.

  3. Montgomery Ward was a department store. It was not owned or affiliated with Nazis or Japs. “To hell with the government,” Avery said to the Attorney General, "the government has been coercing both employers and employees to accept a brand of unionism which in all too many cases is engineered by people who are not employees of the plant. These devices are a disguise for leading the nation into a government of dictators."

  4. Just as the case about whether the US Army could occupy a department store was to go to the Supreme Court, the Army withdrew. The constitutionality of such State action remains unknown.


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