On Sick Babies

The following are hypotheses I developed after speaking with my mother who, other than working many decades in the school systems with damaged children, I take to be an expert on many matters. None of these observations are the result of scientific study--the causations and inferences are entirely speculative--though I hope that one day some scientist will take up a study with them in mind.

1. It is now a confirmed trend that women are choosing to have their first pregnancy in or after their middle thirties. This trend has correlated with a dramatic rise in the birthrate of autistic children and children afflicted with a variety of syndromes not known before (these are facts, numbering well beyond the bar of statistical significance). Correlation is not necessarily causation, but a link between autism and the greater frequency of older first-time mothers should be acknowledged and investigated.

2. Women who do not use their reproductive organs during their peak reproductive period (approximately 16-28) are more prone to cancers. Powerful hormones within the female urge action and reproduction, and a woman ignores those hormones at her own risk. The reproductive systems require use and practice and undirected, ignored hormones lead to imbalances--cancer.

3. Men have a responsibility in this as well. As a man ages his sperm is reproduced as an imitation of the prior vintage of sperm. Thus an older man beyond his peak sexual years (essentially the same as a woman’s) is impregnating women with sperm that is the copy many times over of itself. These copies are never exact copies and are often copies of sperm which is defective or not as strong as younger sperm. Such “old sperm” could be a contributing factor to autism and other emerging syndromes.

4. Never should a man and woman participate in artificial insemination. In such a case certain sperm, sometimes one individual sperm, is favored by a doctor to enter the egg. However, this is probably not the strongest of the male sperm during an ejaculation (only 2000 of millions and millions actually get anywhere near the egg; some ejaculations even contain no sperm strong enough to reach and penetrate the egg) and any pregnancy induced in this matter has a greater chance of producing a damaged child due to defective or less than ideal sperm. This is to say nothing of the risks associated with the doctor choosing where to place the egg inside the woman, the health of the egg, etc etc.

5. Never should a woman abort a pregnancy as a matter of convenience. Not only does the abortion of a healthy pregnancy pose risks to the reproductive health of the woman, but it does not allow her body the practice of giving birth (see 2. above). Put the child up for adoption if healthy. Or, if born sick, dispose of the baby as the Spartans did by placing it in a cave to die. A healthy woman can within a year have another baby to replace it should she choose to.

6. The West has embraced women giving birth later or not at all. This has enabled career-minded women to forego child-bearing to compete with men and make money during their most fertile years. The medical industry has expanded rapidly as a result of the afflicted children born of these career-minded mothers. There is big money in the sickness and long-term care for such children born of old eggs and old sperm. Choosing to make babies when it is convenient for your career and not your body is a mistake.

Additional Notes On Autism:

7. Those afflicted with autism are often technically gifted, excelling in the fields of science, mathematics, and computer technology. These gifts come in exchange for a lack of emphathy towards other humans and social ability. Given that the Western world is one dominated by technology and science (in the service of capitalism) the career opportunities for those with autism and rare technical abilities are many. With autism afflicting males at significantly higher rates than females (1 in 70 vs 1 in 110) there are many more technically gifted autistic men who are successful career-wise (making money). And given that women prefer wealth in a man to most other characteristics it follows that there are more autistic men giving birth to autistic children than in the past (autism is 90% hereditary). Autistic men, once ostracized for a lack of social skills, are now viewed as suitable mates as result of wealth gained through their technical prowess (e.g. Bill Gates).

8. Might the intricately systematic nature of modern life be in fact triggering the development of autistic instincts in individuals? Could a culture enamoured with science and mathematics and control be turning on genes that are related to autism? (One might say it takes a mild form of autism to excel in a systematic culture.) Could successful careerist (read: some form of systematized life) adults be passing along "turned-on" autistic genes to their offspring? It would figure the older the parent the more likely the autistic genes have been triggered, the more active the genes, and hence the more likely a child with autism is produced.

9. Might autism be related to a sort of system building gene?

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