Howie Blakely (Part 2)

Part 1 here.

“Hey Frank,” says Paulie, “Did you ever get revenge on Howie Blakely?”
Frank smiles. “I did have my chance. We were both at court for probation at the same time.”
“Whatd’ya mean?”
“We both got arrested for the fight. We were sitting next to each other outside the court.” Says Frank, “I thought, I’m gonna take him right here. My face was still really beat up then. I felt humiliated every day. Here I have my shot and right outside the courtroom for our probation hearing.”
“So whatd’ya do?”
Frank smiles. “Right about the second I'm going to jump him, Howie Blakely turns to me. He says he’s sorry. He’s had a lot of issues in the past year. He didn’t mean to do what he did. He asks if I want to go to breakfast with him.”
“He asks you to breakfast?”
“I said okay. Then he says instead of going out for breakfast he’d like to make me breakfast at his place. So after the hearing I follow him back to his house. But his brother is there and I’m ready for shit to go down again. His brother is a wrecking ball just like him. But nothing happens. He makes me breakfast and he does this special thing with the ham. He cooks it in syrup. It's delicious. Best ham I’ve ever tasted. I’ve been cooking ham in syrup ever since.”

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