Aphorisms Delivered By Telephone

39. I imagine my body inhabited by myself at 22 and at 75, and how each version of myself would direct me today. I do this to realize there is no one my age in control. Today is only an understanding of what I think were the dreams of my past and a speculation on my regrets of the future. Living to satisfy both I will have lived.

67. The limits to what a man can accomplish philosophically are the limits of his experience: his language, the time he was born to, and the courageous action he takes or fails to take. If he is lucky his action will allow him to see more clearly the difference between his instincts and those of the other men. It is this difference that is philosophy. One might say his skill as a philosopher is a matter of articulating a courageous act.

68. I write at a time when the human systems are shaken and cracked, and what is natural and untamed has begun to shine through. Is it time almost for the return of the saints?

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