Aphorisms For A Golden Age

10. The human is not different from the other animals because of his speech, his domination of the earth, or even his culture, but that he has the capacity for a deep unhappiness. His unhappiness is the expression of his domestication.

11. The child is father to the man.

12. The great man is once a man, but he is twice a child.

33. There is no courage in the risky act of the child. Only a man who takes such action--passing through risk, understanding it and feeling its danger--has acted courageously. His fellow men are apt to call him underdeveloped, immature, even childlike: A grown man should know better than to embrace risk. A grown man should know better than to act courageously.

34. What is courageous encourages the derision of other men. What is courageous cannot be acceptable. What is courageous cannot be explained.

51. How much stupidity is confused with courage? How much courage dismissed as stupidity?

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