Other Machines: Slip Sheet Forklift

I only recently began driving the Slip Sheet Forklift. Its operation is similar to the Reach Lift as one uses the wheel control in the left hand to turn the machine right and left, while operating the joystick with the right to move the forks. Similar to the Reach it operates using a dead man's pedal, with backward and forward movement controlled with the joystick. Unlike the Reach it does not have feet that protrude or the ability to extend the forks, making it closer to the basic Fork Lift in actual operation (though battery not liquid gas powered). Because the cockpit controls are set fairly close together on the left side of the machine, one needs either to turn sideways in the cockpit or operate it with one's right arm crossing his body, making it awkward to use. I cannot understand what this machine is used for given its redundancies when compared to the basic Fork Lift and Reach Lift. In fact, I would prefer having a second Reach to this machine due to its better maneuverability, fork control, and handling in narrow aisles.

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