Freight Team Update

1. Congratulations to Mauro the hot dog guy who was recently promoted from keeper of the outdoor hot dog stand to a member of the freight team. Mauro has also gone into business as a Spanish-language vitamin salesman for a sort of ponzi-scheme vitamin sales organization. During break time he studies from a large binder containing summaries on hundreds of vitamin supplements. He believes there is great upside to the vitamin business. America is a wonderful place.

2. Ted has been angry now for over a week following the theft of his gummy bears. After confronting most of the daytime staff he now believes it was the freight team who stole them. He glares at each of us when we see him.

3. Frank has stopped tearing out or smudging away the face of Barack Obama in the newspapers left in the break room. Since he was hired the newspapers have had carefully torn holes where Obama's face would have been. Frank was even careful to remove the ears. It is not yet known why Frank ended this practice.

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  1. Anonymous20.8.10

    Went to the depot today. Only one bag of a certain mulch left, so was offered a discount. Someone had left a lifter laying around, but it did not seem especially versatile. The "fork" was encumbered by a platform of some sort, it went by the name of warthog or work hog or something like that. It had a similarly phallic control stick as the ones I have read about here.


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