Aphorisms: Entrepreneurs of the State

1. Without intervention by the State there would be economic prosperity.

2. Without intervention by the State there would be moral prosperity.

3. As the State grows through regulations, prohibitions and social programs a new and growing entrepreneurial class makes itself the beneficiary:

3-1. Think of the health insurers who will bring in millions of new policy holders under threat of federal penalty for not having health insurance.

3-2. Think of the accountants and lawyers who constitute the professional class of interpreters and explainers of federal accounting and legal codes, regulations and laws.

3-3. Think of large retailers such as Walmart, who support healthcare regulation and other business regulations, that while resulting in an increase in its own costs will do more damage to its smaller competitors, thereby gaining it market share.

3-4. Think of the environmental companies (green builders, electric car makers, windmill designers and such) who today lobby for environmental laws that will result in the economy being remade to their personal benefit.

3-5. And lastly think of the welfare mother, who by giving birth to receive State payments, is the entrepreneur of the ghetto.

3-6. These are all exploitations of one's productive neighbors made anonymous and guiltless through the facilitation of the State.

4. No work that exists as a result of State intervention can be considered economically productive, or moral.


  1. Not all that original other than I state there is a moral component. This needs some explaining, and that is to come. Big project.

  2. Anonymous11.8.10

    This one makes me cringe and makes me want to destroy things.


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